The Roadster has arrived!

Finally, after waiting for a long time, the Roadster has arrived!

It’s not my car, but my colleagues car, but I think I’m just as excited about it as he is, what a great car!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the charging infrastructure we realized at our office. After one day, we already used 64kWh. Yes, we have been flooring the accelerator to the bottom 🙂

On the pictures above you see how the Roadster is charging. For now, 32A really seems to be enough at home/office, we have been flooring it all day and haven’t been able to drain the battery. Between our short drives it has been connected to the 32A connector, just charging for 1.5 hours gives you enough range to have fun!

Last Updated on 16-10-2013 by Wido den Hollander