1000km on my electric scooter

The previous post about my electric scooter was in Dutch, but this time I’ll write my update in English.

It has been some time ago since I made this picture, but it’s still valid. Due to the rain, snow and cold I haven’t been using the scooter that much, it’s at 1100km now.

After 1100km it’s still working fine, I had no malfunction or whatsoever, it just works!

I’ve been calculating how much energy I used. I know the battery is 1.8kWh and the specs say I should get some 70 ~ 100km on a charge, but let’s say it’s 50 (My record on one day is 67km).

For 1100km, I had to recharge 22 times. 22 times * 1.8kWh = 39.6kWh. Assuming the efficiency when charging is 85%, that brings the total amount of energy at 46.58kWh.

46kWh of energy! A liter of gasoline holds 10kWh, so I’ve used 4.6L of gasoline for 1100km. 1L:239KM, that is some efficiency!

The current price of a kWh is EUR 0.22, so these 1100km’s costed me only EUR 10.25!

Hopefully spring comes early this year, so I can start driving on my scooter again!

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