To Copenhagen and almost in Stockholm

Leaving for Denmark

Yesterday we started our journey to the most Northen SuperCharger in the world, Setermoen in Norway!

We started in Amersfoort (The Netherlands) and from there on drove to the Emsburen SuperCharger in Germany. Charged for a bit and drove towards the Tesla Service Center in Hamburg. Although it’s not listed on the Tesla website or in the navigation, there are two SuperCharger stalls available during opening hours. A gap Tesla still has to fill with a permanent installation somewhere around Hamburg.

From the Tesla Service Center we drove to Rødekro, Middelfart and Køge (all in Denmark) before calling it a day. 900km was enough for that day.

The Køge SuperCharger however is a special one. It’s not completely finished yet, 6 stalls are operational, but it’s looking awesome!

Køge SuperCharger

Visiting Copenhagen and towards Sweden

We stayed the night in a hotel in Køge and the next morning we drove to the SuperCharger at the Tesla Service Center near the airport. Charged for a bit and went into Copenhagen for a quick citytour.

In the early afternoon we left for Sweden and drove to the Löddeköpinge, Lagan, Ödeshög and Tystberga SuperChargers.

Somewhere around the Lagan SuperCharger it started snowing and it didn’t stop for the rest of the day.

Lagan SuperCharger

The Nokian Hakka R2 wintertires work great in the snow. In wet conditions they aren’t the best, but as soon as the road becomes covered in snow you notice what they are made for. I’m really happy with them!

That’s the trip so far. Nothing special, the SuperChargers and my Model S simply work.

Energy consumption is currently at 220Wh/km over 1500km, that’s better then I expected. I’m keeping a detailed spreadsheet with a triplog which I’ll post at the end of my journey.

That’s it for today, Stockholm tomorrow!