CloudStack: Zone X is is not ready to launch console proxy yet

As you might know, I’m a committer in the Apache CloudStack project and I work on it on a daily basis.

I have a couple of development setups running and I upgraded one of them (where I do all my Ceph development) from 4.0 to 4.1 (isn’t out yet) and suddenly I got this message in my logs:

Zone 1 is not ready to launch console proxy yet

That log line didn’t tell me that much, so I started digging through the code as of WHY my Zone wasn’t ready, since it was working under 4.0.

It turns out that my global setting “” wasn’t set to true and that caused my KVM zone not to work.

This setting can’t be changed through the Web UI (not sure why) and I had to change it in the database instead. After setting it to “true” my System VMs began to start again and all worked just fine.

It seems this was legacy on my end since the upgrade process doesn’t touch this setting at all. I’m adding some extra debugging to the code to make it a bit more clear as of WHY your zone isn’t ready.

Should you ever encounter this one, verify this setting.

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Wido den Hollander

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